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Whyte Chemicals to distribute Shell Chemicals' products


Safety, Health, Environment and Quality

Quality Assurance:

Whyte Chemicals implemented its Quality Management system back in 1992 when we achieved registration to BS 5750 over the years we have upgraded our system to match the current standard first to ISO 9002: 1994 and finally ISO 9001: 2000.

We have improved our system by setting smart objectives and striving for continuous improvement. The latest standard with its emphasis on customer focus aligns completely with Whyte Chemicals mission to provide customer satisfaction in all areas of our operation while also ensuring that our suppliers operate to a similar high standard.

Occupational Health and Safety:

Whyte Chemicals have always been committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for their staff and contractors. So in 2008 we decided to formalize this commitment by becoming registered under OHSAS 18001: 1999.
This year we are in the process of moving our registration to BS OHSAS 18001: 2007.

Responsible Care:

Responsible Care is the industry’s commitment to its continuous improvements in health, safety and environmental performance. It is a global initiative covering both chemical producers and distributors in 52 countries worldwide.

Responsible Care aims to develop an attitude and a culture which ensures that chemicals are handled and distributed safely using constantly improving operations and techniques.

Whyte Chemicals, as a member of the CBA (Chemical Business Association) and its predecessor, signed up to the responsible care programme in 1996 and have remained committed to its principals.


The European Single Assessment Document (ESAD) for chemical distributors. First launched in 1999, has been updated to ESAD II. This document was developed jointly by Chemical Suppliers and Distributors for use in one single assessment of distributors, offering simultaneously:

  • A measurement of the commitment of distributors to their Responsible Care Programme.
  • A common tool for suppliers to evaluate, against their individual requirements, the safety, health and environmental performance of their distributors.

To show our commitment to responsible care Whyte Chemicals have undergone an independent third party assessment of their Responsible Care activities under this scheme and can now claim to be a SQAS Distributor/ESAD assessed company.

Product Stewardship:

Product Stewardship is the way we work and communicate with our partners along the supply chain to manage existing and new products and meet the increasing demands for health, safety, environmental protection and sustainability.

The Public’s concerns have moved away from the safety of chemical manufacture and distribution to the safety of chemicals in every day life. In a way, this is a compliment to the way Responsible Care has improved on site safety standards over the recent past. Whyte Chemicals has developed our Product Stewardship programme so that we can deliver our responsibilities along the supply chain and manage the REACH legislation.

Ethical Trading:

At Whyte Chemicals Limited we strongly believe in ethical principles and good stewardship. We also expect our suppliers to meet the same standard that we set ourselves.

Please see our Ethical trading Policy for more information.