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Working with our long-term distribution partner, Repsol, Whyte’s distribute both MPG USP & DPG fragrance grade in to a variety of different industries. These include the Fragrance Industry, Cosmetics & Food & Flavouring industries.

Both materials are available in bulk and packed options and naturally all goods are distributed to the necessary standards required for such industries. In the case of MPG USP it fully complies to Kosher requirements.

To complement our Propylene Glycol sales we also trade in MPG Industrial in both bulk and packed options and can offer consistently competitive pricing accompanied with the product quality you would expect.

Using our extensive sourcing network across Europe and Asia Whyte’s can assist your business in looking at alternative supply routes for bulk commodity ‘Solvents’. In addition we offer UK stocks of speciality solvents such as Methyl Di Basic Ester (MDBE), which we distribute in bulk, IBC’s and drums into a variety of differing markets including Coatings, Foundry Resins, Paint Stripping and Janitorial sectors.


Whyte Chemicals are the largest imported of Acetonitrile in Europe. We have bulk and packed stocked in UK, BV and France providing secure supply and short lead-times. With long term relationship with supply from key manufacturers ranked 3 and 4 and 5 in the global market for Aceto supply. Available in a range of grades from standard commercial grade to HPLC and Genotoxic grade for high purity synthesis.

REACH Registration under the Whyte banner ongoing.

List Of Solvent Products from our range


Monopropylene Glycol USP
Monopropylene Glycol Industrial Grade
Dipropylene Glycol
Tripropylene Glycol
Butyl Glycol Acetate
Butyl Diglycol Acetate
Ethyl Diglycol Acetate
Santosolâ DME-1 (Dimethyl Esters)
Wysanol TMP (Coalescing Solvent)
Wysanol OB (New Coalescing Solvent)


2 Ethyl Hexanol Ethoxy Propanol
IMS 99 Methoxy Propanol (PM)
IMS 94 Methoxy Propyl Acetate (PMA)
Iso Butanol Methyl Dipropylene Glycol (DPM)
Iso Propanol
Methanol Ethylene Dichloride
N Butanol Methylene Chloride
N Propanol Monochlorobenzene
Ethyl Acetate Propylene Dichloride
Iso Butyl Acetate Trichloroethylene
Iso Propyl Acetate
N Butyl Acetate Solvent Naphtha 160-185
N Propyl Acetate Solvent Naphtha 190-205
Diethylene Glycol White Spirit
Monoethylene Glycol
Triethylene Glycol DEB96
Xylene DEB100
Di Butyl Phthalate Acetone
Di Octyl Phthalate Cyclohexanone
Diacetone Alcohol
1,3 Butylene Glycol Isophorone