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Commercial Activities in Europe

Whyte Chemicals Europe is focussed primarily on surface chemistry in all its forms and applications. Supported by our partners we have a significant pan European presence and operations extending to South America, North Africa and the Middle East. Our network of offices is controlled by our main operations :

Whyte Chemicals Europe BV
Based in Amersfoot, The Netherlands, this operation services the Benelux countries, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany. It is our centre of excellence for the Powder Coating Industry product portfolio. With a large logistics centre, the office also service significant businesses in North Africa and Turkey.
Whyte Chemicals Europe s.r.o.
With operations in the Czech Republic at Usti and Labem and the main logistics centre at Decin, this hub services Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine, former East Germany, Baltic States, Austria and the former Soviet Union as well as the Czech Republic.

Whyte France Specialities S.A.R.L.
Our speciality chemicals operation centred in Paris is our centre of excellence for the francophone countries including North Africa. Strengths lie in the cosmetics and personal care industries with a strong presence at the forefront of paint and surface coatings applications.

Whyte Iberica Specialities SL
Based in Bilbao, Whyte Iberica Specialities acts as key route to the markets of Spain, Portugal and Latin America. The operation utilises the technical facilities in the UK to provide a full service across a wide range of industries from pharmaceuticals and synthesis to Cosmetics and Surface Coatings.